Transaction Guard (beta)

Transaction Guard acts like any network in your wallet, except when it detects a threat. When a threat is detected, the transaction is blocked even if you try to confirm it.

Free Tier:

  • Blocks directly sending ETH, ERC20, and ERC721 tokens to known bad actors or flagged wallets
  • Blocks granting permissions to known bad actors or flagged wallets to spend tokens on your behalf

Pro Tier:

  • Detects more complex fraud through full simulation of the transaction
  • Offers customized, adaptive policies to only block or triage
  • Sends you push notifications to confirm transactions that exceed spending limits or match specific risk patterns

Use this page to add the free version to your wallet and/or visit to join the waitlist for the paid plan

Enterprise Tier:

  • For customers with high transaction send volume (ex. metatransaction relayers)
  • Supports both transaction simulation & broadcasting
  • API docs:

Schedule a time to meet about enterprise integration here or email us at

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