Automated Web3 Security & Compliance

Policy Enforcement & Reporting for All Transactions

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Why Shield3?

Apps and enterprises who want to protect themselves and their customers must have our transaction security and compliance solution.

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Powerful Rules Library

Pre-built modules and workflows combined with a library of best practices.

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AI Risk Detection

Detect anomalies and block advanced threats with a library of specialized models.

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Compliance Workflows

Customizable workflows to provide automated compliance with internal & geographical policies.

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Transaction Routing

Built-in transaction routing allows organizations to apply rules for transaction approval and private broadcasting.

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Analytics & Reporting

Automated audit trail for every transaction and policy execution. Explore or export your data seamlessly.

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Easy Integration

Integrate Shield3 with a single line of code or through an integration with your existing tools. Shield3 does NOT require access to private keys.

What our customers
do with Shield3?

Shield3 raises the bar for consumer protection & compliance in Web3

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Easy policy management

Shield3 comes with a repository of pre-built, customizable templates. These templates are designed with the flexibility to accommodate use cases such as:  setting transaction limits, approved wallets and applications, and threat prevention.

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Command Center

Customize and manage the rules and reporting for all of your transactions. Automated workflows determine whether to broadcast, block, or flag transactions. Every action Shield3 takes is saved to your secure logs.

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Analytics & Reporting

Shield3 comes with comprehensive reporting & analytics built-in. You can use it to understand transaction trends, as well as optimize your rules. You can also export your data at any time to use other reporting, analytics, or audit tools.

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Case Studies

Find out how other companies are leveraging Shield3

Designed to fit every use case

Shield3 works for all blockchain transactions

For Banks


Banks must account for all activities and transactions with a transparent audit trail. Shield3 provides users with the ability to customize their tracking to meet specific compliance needs.

For Exchanges

Brokerages & Exchanges

Shield3's high-throughput broadcasting capabilities can handle a substantial volume of transactions without compromising on the efficiency and accuracy of its decisioning process.

For Devs

App Developers

Shield3 empowers app developers to focus on creating apps that users love, without worrying if their apps are robust enough to protect their users from threats and mistakes.

For Integrators

Systems Integrators

Systems integrators rely on their expert reputations to create business. They apply best practices, as well as advise on customizations. Shield3 makes it easy for them to provide safe and compliant solutions for their clients.

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