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Shield3 can be customized to automate all of your internal & geographical policies, and add essential consumer protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shield3 work?

Shield3 provides an additional layer of security which sits between the wallet or dApp, and the RPC provider. This allows you to configure policies dictating which transactions should be allowed, blocked, or require additional confirmations. To make these decisions you can use decoded transaction data, rich context from Shield3's database and partners, or your own information using custom code snippets.

Can Shield3 work with my application?

Shield3 can be integrated seamlessly with any transaction creation or broadcasting flow in your application. All you need to do is replace your current RPC API with your Shield3 key, and optionally configure which service to forward your transactions to in the dashboard.

Do you offer custom policies?

Shield3 is actively building up a large library of policies, and we would love your input! Simply send us an email or message us on Telegram and we'll be happy to help.

How does Shield3 help with compliance?

Shield3 has a range of compliance tools for reporting and book-keeping, in addition to policies built to prevent and detect money laundering, block transactions with sanctioned entities. Compliance is a key focus of Shield3 and we are actively developing tools and policies to make compliance, audit, and reporting as easy as possible.

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