Forta-fied Policies: Evicting Scammers from your dApp

Forta-powered policies on Shield3 help devs protect their users from scams

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June 4, 2024
Forta-fied Policies: Evicting Scammers from your dApp

We are proud to announce our a new partner policy on Shield3. Forta is known for providing intelligence crucial for identifying malicious actors. By partnering up with Forta, we've turned this rich source of information into a tool any dApp or wallet can use to provide a more secure environment for their users.

These policies leverage Forta's scam detection bot to prevent your users or dApp from interacting with known scammers. With just a few clicks, you can interface with Forta's large database of labelled addresses through Shield3.

The Scam Detector provides threat intelligence about malicious smart contracts, EOAs, and URLs engaging in scams and other end-user attacks. It relies on a bundle of underlying Forta bots, each monitoring for a specific threat type (ex: Ice Phishing).

How to activate our Forta-Powered Policies

  1. Enter the Shield3 app
  2. Select "Workflows –-> Transacting"
  3. Enable the Forta Scam Detector policy
Forta Scam Detector Workflow

How to use Shield3

Shield3 integrates easily with all existing web3 tooling & SDKs.

Option 1: Replace your RPC provider

To evaluate and broadcast transactions based on your workflow, follow these simple steps:

  1. Retrieve your RPC URL under administration –-> API Key
  2. Replace your current RPC Provider with your Shield3 RPC Provider.

Shield3 Workflow Api Keys

If your app uses Privy or Dynamic follow these simple guides to get your app set up with Shield3:

Privy x Shield3
Dynamic x Shield3

Option 2: Simulation Endpoint

To get the policy results of any transaction before broadcasting you can use the simulation RPC endpoint The API will respond with a policy decision, either "Allow", "Block", or "MFA". For more instruction, read Shield3's simulate docs.

Join the Shield3 Partner Policy Program

Shield3 is always looking for new data providers to partner with. Does your project provide valuable blockchain information? Tell us all about it on Telegram, or send us an email!