Shield3 Joins the Security Alliance (SEAL)

Today marks the public announcement of The Security Alliance (SEAL)

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June 4, 2024
Shield3 Joins the Security Alliance (SEAL)

Today marks the public announcement of the Security Alliance (SEAL), an organization committed to enhancing collaboration, innovation, and the overall maturity of the crypto security ecosystem. SEAL comprises some of the most influential and effective groups and individuals within the web3 space. Over the past year, SEAL has been working behind the scenes to launch initiatives that address the unique challenges faced in web3, drawing on best practices from established cybersecurity fields.

Earlier this year, Shield3, in partnership with other founding members, launched the SEAL Wargames Initiative. Shield3 spearheads the planning, infrastructure development, and execution of these war room exercises, allowing protocol teams to simulate incident response in a controlled environment. This hands-on approach is crucial for improving monitoring, communication, and operational procedures within the web3 domain.

SEAL in Action

SEAL has already launched three key initiatives:

SEAL 911 Emergency Helpdesk

Launched in August 2023

Web3 security incidents demand immediate attention. The SEAL 911 Emergency Helpdesk, accessible via a Telegram bot (@seal_911_bot), ensures that users, developers, or researchers who identify protocol issues can swiftly connect with experts for private, efficient issue resolution. This service aims to mitigate risks and facilitate recovery without attracting malicious actors due to public disclosures.

SEAL Wargames

Public Announcement in October 2023

SEAL Wargames are cybersecurity exercises tailored to the web3 environment, designed to prepare protocol teams for high-pressure situations. Utilizing open-source tools and resources, SEAL conducts comprehensive drills that enhance both the social and technical resilience of teams. The process includes:

  • Gathering open-source intelligence to craft scenario-specific potential attack or failure simulations.
  • Conducting tabletop exercises to identify vulnerabilities within attack scenarios.
  • Simulating live attacks for real-time response practice, adhering to established war room procedures.

Starting in June 2023, Shield3 has led wargames with several protocol teams, including Compound Labs, Yearn, and Aave, with plans to expand these exercises in 2024.

For a deeper dive into SEAL Wargames, we recommend this guide by the pros at Tenderly who have provided incredible support & tooling to make these drills work!

Additional resources on SEAL Drills:

Whitehat Safe Harbor Agreement

The race to secure crypto protocols against malicious actors often hinges on the swift action of whitehat hackers. However, potential legal repercussions can deter these skilled individuals from intervening. The Whitehat Safe Harbor Agreement sets a standard that allows protocols to quickly engage with whitehats during an incident, offering them legal protection and the possibility of a bounty for their efforts (up to $10 million or a default of 10%).

The agreement is open for public feedback on GitHub until March 14: Safe Harbor Proposal

A Milestone for the Web3 Ecosystem

As crypto becomes increasingly integral to global financial infrastructure, it is key that the industry unites to enhance the safety, accessibility, and legal protection of all participants. SEAL's collaborative efforts and the commitment of its partners are pivotal in advancing the security and resilience of the web3 ecosystem.